// Fast Forward

# By: Judah Brown

I showed up to the mysterious place.
Kids were inside, playing, talking, walking.
A new person came to me. I shied back.
She held out her hand. I moved close to her.

I put monkey in the box with the rest of my stuff.
Reaching down, I grabbed a slice of a new food. Cookie cake.
I sat in my seat as we drove westward, enjoying my new treat.
It was gone in the blink of an eye.

I was at a place.
It was somewhat familiar, but unlike the vague memories.
We sat together as friends,
But as soon as I could think, we were down the road again.

Nervousness filled me.
I knew not what to do, or to say, or to think.
But this was a temporary place,
One of memories, good and painful.

I grew up.
It was crazy, in a good way.
I built, saw, and shed.
We were.

It was home now, but in a new sense.
A new start, a new chance.
But so much time has passed since the past.

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