// Ninth from the Sun

# By: Judah Brown

I am Pluto, the celestial being they call a dwarf planet.

Center of attention, yet disregarded by all.
Distant from sun, for whom I fall.
Longing to meet her warm embrace,
Instead, meeting coolness on my round face.

They said I wasn’t good enough,
And I took it rough,
But I’m bold and I’m brave,
I don’t have to be buff.
They treated me then as if I was a foe,
But to them, my self-worth is not something I owe.
I don’t care if they hate me and push me down low,
I’m good enough just by saying so.

Can’t let it get out,
“Hold in your self-doubt!”
But I’m worried, at this rate I’ll surely blow out!
So I look to the sun,
with her rays brightly shown.
I’ve learned that with her, I am never alone.

I’ll dare to fly out of the shadows,
I’ll risk it, fly into the light!
I know where ever I go,
I won’t be alone in the night.


This piece may also be called “In my Heart”

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